sábado, 28 de junio de 2014


In No. 1 lives a widow. She believes in her husband´s reincarnation as a cat, and therefore adopts as many cats as possible to drown viciously.

In No. 4 lives a retiree who has lost his shadow. He draws his own silhouette on the walls to feel less alone.

In No. 7 lives a couple with the most honest marriage that has ever existed: they vowed to make each other miserable for the rest of their lives.

In No. 5 lives a dictator who has concentration camps for cockroaches, guarded by rats and termites loyal to his regime.

In No. 8 lives a medium who doesn't receive any ghosts after two in the morning.

In No. 19 lives a nurse who publishes rewards in the papers for anyone who can find the lost time of her teenage years.

No. 10 is occupied by three sisters. They use the same fork, the same bedsheet and the same vibrator.

In No. 14 lives a man who spent thirty years in prison. At night he digs a tunnel to lead him back to his cell.

In No. 12 lives a girl who always wakes up at three and walks across the ceiling until dawn.

In No. 11 lives a school teacher. He makes letter bombs on Fridays and sends them to random addresses.

In No. 17 lives a Satanic sect. They have covens on Saturdays and yard sales on Sundays.

No. 16 is occupied by a family of cannibals. They are the reason why the position of concierge is always vacant.

In No. 20 lives the husband of the widow of No. 1, reincarnated as an angora cat and treated very well by an octogenarian lady.

Alberto Sánchez Argüello
originally published in
Twitter @7tojil

with my thanks to Vikram Paralkar